Your mission is to search for our most precious resource: the X-Factor. All Spybots are powered by a top secret energy formula that we call X-Factor. This precious extract is collected from fire gems that are scattered about the deep mine. You must hunt through the mine, find the fire gems and bring back as much X-Factor as possible. Drive your Spybot into the fire gem in order to trigger the release of X-Factor.

But watch out the mine is guarded by a security tracking system. If you are detected a fire beam will lock onto your Spybot and drain it of energy. Dodge the fire beam system and extract as much X-Factor as possible before the mine lift arrives to take you to the surface.


  • Position obstacles heavy enough to stop your Spybot across an area. These obstacles are the fire gems that contain the precious X-Factor.
  • Find a flash light. This is the fire beam used by the security tracking system.
  • The agent acting as security should take up the fire beam and take up an agreed starting position.
  • Place your Spybot at the light calibration area below the torch.
  • Press run (Silver/Pearl Gray Button).
  • When the alert light blinks your Spybot is ready.
  • Move your Spybot to one side of the area.
  • Place the controller on the other ( this is home base ).
  • Tap the bumper to start and them move quickly to home base.
  • Use the controller to bump your Spybot into a fire gem. When you do the X-Factor will be released and absorbed into your Spybot, this will take a few seconds. The alert light will come on while extracting X-Factor.
  • Security will try to catch the Spybot using the fire beam.
  • The arc lights will indicate remaining energy. If your Spybot is exposed to the fire beam for too long it will experience energy loss and an arc light will go out.