Lego spybot remote

one of the two key parts of the spybot, the other being the CPU. The controller is very important, and is not just a controller, it acts as a refuelling station, a base, and as a checkpoint in several of the 10 standard spybot missions.

The controller has 5 buttons, as well as a 3-way dial-switch. The switch allows you to switch between 3 possible modes, the first being base mode, in which the spybot will follow or try to get to in missions, the second, which is its off state, and the third, just normal RC ability. The button on the upper left, labled 1, turns the right motor forward, the upper right button, labled 3, turns the right motor backward, the lower left button, labled 4, moves the right motor backward, and the lower right button, labled 5, moves the left motor backward. The upper central red button labled 2, activates the spybot's special function, sometimes firing a laser, sometimes entering a code, sometimes firing a freeze ability that shuts down other spybots.