Mission BreifEdit

Bank robbers have lured your Spybot to a booby trapped factory. You must escape from the factory to stop the robbers. The problem is that there is only one way out of the factory and the factory floor is criss crossed by a randomly generated laser grid. This laser maze is invisible to the naked eye and will deplete your Spybot's energy if it is hit. The good news is that your Spybot can detect these lasers and it will use it's arc lights to direct you.


  • Place a desklamp about 3 feet above the ground to represent the exit.
  • Place your Spybot beneath the light source to begin light calibration.
  • Press run (Silver/Pearl Gray Button.
  • When the alert light blinks move the Spybot to the start position at the other end of the "factory".
  • Tap the bumper to begin.
  • Use the controller buttons to move your Spybot.
  • Your Spybot will use it's arc lights to tell you what to do. Below are the light positions and their corresponding actions.