Mission BreifEdit


There is an emergency at the S.M.A.R.T space propulsion lab that could have a serious effect on our Space Program. An accident during a routine systems check has caused a dangerous Gamma radiation leak from the labs reactor. If not found and sealed quickly it could lead to very nasty meltdown.

Your mission is to locate the radiation leaks and seal them fast. You will use your Spybot's onboard geiger-counter to locate the leaks. Once found create a plasma shield around the leak by releasing concentrated energy bursts from your Spybot.

Beware over-exposure to the leaks will cause radiation damage to your Spybot systems. Energy cells will deplete quickly during this energy draining mission. Fortunately, you can recharge at booster points dotted around the reactor area.


  • Find a space to use for this mission, it will be the reactor chamber.
  • Place any number of desk lamps at the edges of this space, these will act as energy boosters.
  • Place your Spybot under any of these lights for light calibration.
  • Press run (Silver/Pearl Gray Button).
  • The alert light will blink when the Spybot is ready.
  • Move the Spybot to the starting position close to the controller. Make sure it is facing in towards the space.
  • Tap the bumper to start.
  • Use the controller buttons to steer your Spybot around the space.
  • The alert light will act as your geiger counter. It will blink to warn of nearby radiation.
  • Spin the Spybot to locate the source of the leak. The alert light will flash faster and a warning sound will play louder to warn you of increased radiation levels.
  • When you find the leak press the red controller button to seal the leak.
  • The green arc lights will indicate remaining energy during the mission. When energy is low recharge your Spybot at the booster points (the lights) dotted around the chamber.
  • The red arc lights will indicate increasing damage to your Spybot systems.