Mission BriefEdit

GOOD NEWS AGENT! Our S.M.A.R.T ecological research center has made a remarkable discovery. The Hypnosium flower. The serum derived from this jungle plant can cause instant hypnosis.

Now the bad news, A rival Spybot has broken into the centre and stolen some of the serum. You only have one choice in this Spybot face off. Persuade the other Spybot to join forces with you.

Your mission objective is to use S.M.A.R.T's newly discovered serum to draw the rival SPYBOT back to your HQ. But beware! You may find it is you who changes sides. Your rival now has the same hypno power and can use the same tactic to lure you back to it's own base. Keep your target hypnotised and make sure it follows your Spybot. Get both Spybots back to your HOME BASE to successfully complete the mission.


  • Find an open space to attempt this mission.
  • Stand with your controller on one side of this space facing the other agent, this is your HQ.
  • Place your Spybot next to your base.
  • Set both controllers to remote control mode.
  • Press run (Silver/Pearl Gray Button). The alert light will blink slowly when the Spybots are ready.
  • Tap the bumper on a Spybot when you're ready to begin.
  • In this mission the Spybots' arc lights will indicate it's ability to resist hypnotism. The fewer the arc lights the longer your Soybot will remain hypnotised.
  • Stay at your HQ and use the controller to steer towards the opposing Spybot.
  • Use your red controller button to try and sedate your opponent, your ability to sedate is unlimited.
  • Switch your controller to action mode and use a variety of commands against your opponent for a short while. Remember to switch back to remote control mode after launching control commands.
  • Hypnotise your rival by bumping it with your Spybot'ss front bumper. When you have hypnotised your opponent it will follow your Spybot for a sort time. The more times you strike the more hypnotised your rival becomes and the longer it will follow.