Mission BreifEdit

The National Power Grid has been sabotaged and severely damaged, creating a large scale energy leak. Without power the entire region is on the verge of crisis. Time is of the essence. Your mission is to negotiate obstacles to access the grids energy reserve. Then flip the overrride switch to stop the energy drain and to restore power.

If only it were that simple. The saboteurs have set up dangerous impulse generators around the grid. If you strike one the impulse will drain valuable energy from your Spybot. That's not all! At any given moment the statically charged atmosphere around the grid may disrupt your control systems.

If you mangage to reach the energy reserve your Spybot will automatically flip the override switch to restore power.


  • Place a desk lamp some distance from your controller, this is the grid energy reserve.
  • Place objects heavy enough to stop your Spybot across the area leading to the lamp.
  • Place your Spybot in the light calibration area.
  • Press run (Pearl Gray/Silver Button).
  • The Alert light will blink when your Spybot is ready. When it does move your Spybot to the start position.
  • Tap the bumper to start.
  • The arc lights will indicate energy levels in this mission.
  • Use the controller to steer your Spybot around the impulse generators. Striking a generator will drain energy causing you to lose arc lights.
  • When you use shields the alert light will display.
  • When you are nearly out of time the alert light will flash.

Note: Remember random bursts of static electricity may disrupt Spybot systems at any time.