Mission BreifEdit

The good news is that two Spybots have infiltrated an enemy installation to recover stolen data. The bad news is that security has been alerted and a dangerous time activated device called a Binary Leech is attached to one of the Spybots. This device will drain all available energy from the host Sybot when a timer on the leech runs out. Therefore the Spybots have no choice but to compete. Passing the device between them before it activates. This will decide who successfully escapes with the data.

The binary leech is a piece of AI technology on a timer. You have only minutes before it activates and saps all your energy. Use your bumper to pass on this electronic parasite before the final countdown finishes. Only one of you can continue this mission and save the data. But which one?


  • Find an open space for this mission.
  • Place both Spybots facing each other, approximately 1 foot (0.5 metres) apart and then press Run (Silver/Pearl Gray Button).
  • Their alert lights will blink when they are ready.
  • To begin tap the bumper of the Spybot chosen to carry the device first.
  • In this mission the alert light will display to show who holds the device.
  • The red and green arc lights will indicate time remaining.
  • Use the controller to chase other Spybots and transfer the device by striking with your front bumper.