Mission BreifEdit


Bank robbers have captured your spybot and downloaded an encrypted zombie program into it. Your spybot is now heading for a bank vault holding a gold reserve. It has been equipped with a de-activator to knock out bank security and to open the vault. Worse yet your spybot isn't responding to the controller. Your task is to decipher the command codes to disable the zombie robot before it reaches the vault.


  • Clear an area of all obstacles.
  • Place the zombie spybot at one end of the area and the controller at the other end (the controller is the bank vault).
  • Press run (Silver/Pearl gray Button).
  • The alert light will blink when the spybot is ready.
  • Tap the bumper and then quickly return to the controller.
  • Use the controller buttons to to find the coreect 3 number sequence to override the zombie code.
  • The spybot's arc lights will indicate your code breaking progress.
  • A sound will indicate when you have been successful.