Mission BriefEdit

An enemy hacker bot has penetrated the defenses of our climate control station in the artic. This facility controls a series of satellites that regulates the earth's weather systems to prevent global warming. The hacker bot plans to reverse the polarity of the climate system by realigning all of the satellites. This has dire consequences as the earth's temperature will increase to dangerous levels. Stop the enemy from aligning those satellites or we'll be in some very hot water.

Your mission is to stop the hacker bot by jamming it's hacker signal to each satellite and so prevent imminent disaster. This will be tricky as you have no way of knowing when the enemy will try to align each satellite and the hacker bot is armed with a freeze ray that will stun your Spybot for a few seconds. But the hacker bot has only a limited amount of time in which to realign all the satellites so if you manage to block enough signals you will succeed in preventing a full polarity realignment and our climate system will remain in balance.


  • Find an open space to attempt this mission.
  • Place your Spybot on the ground.
  • Place the hacker bot half a foot away from your Spybot.
  • Press run (Silver/Pearl Gray Button). The alert light will blink slowly when the Spybots are ready.
  • Tap the bumper on either machine to begin the mission.
  • Use your controller to pursue the hacker bot. At any given moment the hacker bot will attempt to make contact with one of the satellites and align it. To prevent alignment your Spybot must be within range of the enemy to send a jamming signal. *The yellow alert light will display when you are within jamming range.
  • Press the red button on your controller to jam the hacker bots signal. A sound will emit from your Spybot to indicate that it is sending a jamming signal. If the hacker bot shakes it means you have successfully jammed it's signal.
  • Keep following the hacker bot as it attempts to send another signal.
  • Be aware the enemy has the ability to freeze your Spybot for several seconds. The alert light on the enemy will flash to indicate that you are within range. If your Spybot is frozen the enemy will have a better chance of aligning the satellites.